Who We Are

We’re a husband and wife duo who are using our free time and skills to give a strong voice to sensible progressive values.

He’s a non-profit lawyer.  She’s an author.  When we aren’t working or staying up late at night scheming about how to best support progressive politics, we enjoy learning about old architecture and reading history books (he’s got a yen for anything FDR) and fiction (she’s got a love for Alice Munro and J.M. Coetzee).

One of us has cancer, and one of us has a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.  This takes up a bit of our time too and reinforces the need for access to quality, affordable health care in the United States.

Some Winning Progressive posts also appear at the Blogistan Polytechnic Institute and Addicting Info blogs.

We also have a number of regular contributors to Winning Progressive, including:

* Fay Paxton. Fay is a reader, writer, and traveler who runs the blog The Pragmatic Pundit.

* Joanne Boyer.  Joanne is a Minneapolis-based writer, publisher and speaker, and author of the book “Wisdom of Progressive Voices.” You can read more about Joanne and order her book online at Wisdom Voices.

* NCrissie B blogs at and administers the Blogistan Polytechnic Institute blog, which is a progressive Democratic community for discussion, activism, and humor.

* Josh Marks.  Josh is a Washington, D.C.-based environmental journalist and clean energy blogger. He was most recently a senior writer and editor at Green American Magazine and writes about the sustainable economy at his Green Forward website.

* Mark Bridger.  Mark is a former professor of mathematics and long time follower of politics who lives in New England.  He has a blog called That MansScope.

If you’d like to get in touch with us or are interested in becoming a contributor to Winning Progressive, send us an email.