Corporate Interests Are Fighting Democrats Because Democrats Fought Them

One way to discover what a candidate’s priorities would be if they were to take office is to see who is supporting their election.  This year, it is hard to know exactly who is funding the Republicans, because they are being supported by numerous outside organizations that are spending tens of millions of dollars but that do not have to report where they are getting that money from.  What is clear is that eight misleadingly-named corporate front groups are planning to spend more than $250 million this election cycle, with almost all of it devoted to defeating Democrats and electing Republicans.

As reported by the Washington Post, Fact Check.Org, and the People For the American Way, the outside organizations who are trying to buy the election for the Republicans include:

  • Chamber of Commerce – $20.5 million spent so far – planning to spend $75 million or more total – 501(c)(6) organization – does not have to disclosure its donors
  • Americans for Prosperity – planning to spend $45 million – run by the billionaire Koch brothers – donors are not disclosed – organization has led the fight against tobacco regulation, and also bankrolled the start of the tea party and opposition to health care reform
  • American Crossroads – $13.5 million spent so far – expect to spend $55 million total, plus $10 million on get out the vote efforts – run by Karl Rove and GOP consultant – funding is funneled through a spinoff organization – the Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies – which does not have to disclose its donors
  • Americans for Job Security – $8 million so far – 501(c)(6) trade association, founded by insurance and logging interests – no donor disclosure, but is known to have received funding from the pharmaceutical industry and other industries over the years
  • American Future Fund – $7.7 million spent so far – expects to spend $25 million total – Iowa-based organization that appears to have ties to the ethanol industry – does not disclose its donors
  • 60 Plus Association – expects to spend $6.9 million – appears to be a pharmaceutical industry front group, and has fought to privatize Social Security and to eliminate the estate tax – does not have to disclose donors
  • Club for Growth – $4.5 million spent so far – aiming for $24 million total – does not disclose donors
  • American Action Network – plans to spend $25 million – does not disclose its donors

This huge influx of money to fight against Democrats is great evidence that large corporations know that it is Republicans who will do their bidding in Washington, while it is Democrats who have fought to curb those corporate interests in order to protect every day Americans.

For example, Democrats are:

  • Reforming Wall Street by regulating derivatives, working to prevent future bailouts, and creating a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

In short, corporate interests are spending $250 million to fight Democrats because they know that Democrats are working to break the stranglehold that those interests have on our political system.  If you want to make sure that secretive corporate donors are not able to buy the election for the Republicans, sign up to volunteer for your local Democratic candidate, write a letter to your local newspaper editor, and talk to your family, friends, and neighbors to remind them that the Democrats are on our side, while Republicans are on the side of secretive corporate interests.

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26 Responses to “Corporate Interests Are Fighting Democrats Because Democrats Fought Them”

  1. JoeThePlumber Says:

    You forgot to mention how much money is being spent by Democrat billionaires such as Soros. And you forgot to mention how much money is being spent by the likes of MoveOn and other similar organizations.

    And you also forgot to mention that Obama never insisted that the unions, who spent hundreds of millions to elect him in 2008, ever disclose their donors.

    This is what happens when elections aren’t going the way you’d hope based on the issues. People try to create an alternative argument that they were “stolen”.

    It’s like Obama saying that the Chamber of Commerce is trying to “steal the election” and accusing them of taking foreign money. When the WH was asked to provide any evidence of this, of course they couldn’t produce any.

    When David Axelrod was on TV the other day and Bob Schieffer asked him for corroboration that the Chamber was spending foreign money, Axelrod said “Well, do you have any evidence it’s not, Bob?” C’mon.

    And to suggest that the Democrats are somehow disadvantaged because of some vast sums of money spent against them, just take a look at the Wisconsin race. Who has raised more money – Feingold or Johnson?

    This is a typical technique to distract voters from the high unemployment rate and all the other problems we face. I hope it doesn’t work. Polls open Nov 2nd.

  2. Bill Says:

    No one is denying that Democrats have private donors, financial backers, and special interest supporters. Its the specifics behind who these donors are (which the commentary lists) which is of concern. You are free to vote for the party who has special interest groups who protect the worker, the consumer, the elderly, the student, or the patient— or you can vote for the party who has special interest groups that protect corporations, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Fox news. Your choice.

  3. Linda Featheringill Says:

    For what it’s worth:

    It seems that the overall black community is really working on GOTV and that the turnout might be good.

    I’m happy to see that. Times are hard but this election is important.

    And for you – keep up the good work!


    [...] Corporate Interests Are Fighting Democrats Because Democrats Fought Them [...]

  5. Linda Featheringill Says:

    A bit of good news. DSCC website shows results of polls in four senate races in which the Dems are ahead [a little bit]. These states are Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania [!], and West Virginia.

    Keep on keeping on.

  6. JoeThePlumber Says:

    Linda – sorry but that’s just one poll. Take a look here below. Nevada is a toss up.

  7. Bill Says:

    Admin., Perhaps an article on the Supreme Court Citizens United Amendment? And people are worried about socialism? Wait til they get a taste of oligarchy!

  8. Keither Says:

    Yes donkeys, it’s true. Everyone is out to get you.

    Big Oil, Big Pharma, Bush, Rove, Newt, Santa Claus, Wall Street, Main Street, Dunkin Donuts & The Club For Growth.

    Just let us know when you stop confiscating hundreds of millions of dollars from hard working union members against their will, and spend it on YOUR screwed up leftist priorities and politics.

    The last time I checked, no one was required to buy from a certain company if they supported causes they didn’t care for and no one is REQUIRED to donate to Americans For Prosperity, American Crossroads or the Chamber of Commerce. You on the other hand sleazily confiscate money from unionized workers against their will for your political agenda. Absolutely disgusting.

    And now, back to your persecution complex!

  9. JoeThePlumber Says:

    C’mon Bill. Every party that’s in the minority is usually the one that’s riled up to defeat Goliath and thus is going to spend a lot of money to defeat the incumbent.

    Democrats are outspending Republicans in races like Wisconsin. So quit you’re whining!!

  10. Bill Says:

    The majority of union members that I know are not forced to pay union dues. Rather, they gratefully pay them, knowing that the union will protect their rights and their paychecks from being exploited by Republican robber barons. Part of those dues may eventually go towards supporting political candidates who work on the behalf of workers and working class people. Thank God for the unions and the democratic party.

  11. Keither Says:

    Sorry to break it to you Bill, but the reality is they aren’t paid as willingly as you’d like to believe. But then it’s your beloved democrat party who would like to intimidate large swaths of people into seeing things their way through initiatives like eliminating secret ballots in votes (aka card check). I’m sure you’ve never met any form of tyranny you don’t enjoy.

  12. Giles Says:

    The dems are go to feel the blast like a flamethrower this election. Deservedly so, I might add. Soon, we will be swimming in leftist tears.

    The owner of this blog must think that the electorate is as ignorant as they were in the 1950′s. That is what the style of writing here seems to infer.

    Sorry to break it to you, but people are better informed than ever, and have their own self-interest in mind. The Internet has given people the ability to seek the truth.

    Which means, my little soviet, that outside of the dem dependent patriot jobs, which is actually a rather large segment of the population (teachers, police, sanitation, government workers in states like Ilinois) the people are going to act to curtail the democrats’ ability to change this country into another liberal mess like England or Canada.

    The dems AND the R’s have screwed this country up, and it is going to be up to US to unscrew it. It can probably be done peacefully, over the course of several elections.

    I saw this in a NYT article and agree with it:

    “In a questionnaire for a Tea Party group, Steve Stivers, running for Congress in Ohio, said that only four departments — Defense, Justice, State and Treasury — perform “constitutional roles,” meaning “you could eliminate the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Interior, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy and others to return to a constitutionally pure government.”

    Exactly right.

  13. Bill Says:

    The party of Lincoln and Liberty was transmogrified into the party of hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists, misanthropic frat boys, shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, nihilists in golf pants, brownshirts in pinstripes, sweatshop tycoons, hacks, fakirs, aggressive dorks, Lamborghini libertarians, people who believe Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, little honkers out to diminish the rest of us, Newt’s evil spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man suspicious of the free flow of information and of secular institutions, whose philosophy is a jumble of badly sutured body parts trying to walk.

    GARRISON KEILLOR, “We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore,” In These Times

    (Looks like we got a couple of those kooks coming onto this website)

  14. JoeThePlumber Says:

    There Bill goes again. We’re “kooks” and “Beck listeners” because we don’t like how the administration is trying to recussitate the economy and fix the jobs problem. Bill puts us into some pretty nasty stereotypes. Keep up the rhetoric, Bill. It’s exactly what people are sick of. When the leaders in Washington just resort to mudslinging, it’s clear that they don’t understand why the voters are frustrated.

  15. Bill Says:

    If the shoe fits, wear it. I have tried to explain to you my reasoning, based on facts, but you choose to rant and rage instead-so typical of the right wing. As if the louder you shout, the more people will listen.

  16. Giles Says:

    Hey, Bill can copy and paste. Congrats, Bill. I am going to enjoy watching you leftists get your behinds kicked here in a couple weeks.

    Bill, how do you like the fact that the dems can’t even stick together during this election cycle? I mean, Nancy Pelosi and B. Obama are being treated like deviates, no one wants to be associated with them for fear of losing. Nice party you have there.

    I am looking forward to at least gridlock, but hoping for the house to open some hearings on HCR, and maybe even examining whether or not B Obama’s website contributions from 2008 were legitimate or not, you know, the kind of crap Henry Waxman is always doing.

    I also can’t wait for Pelosi Galore to be retired, gawd that is overdue.

    It is going to be a great couple years of undoing all the commie initiatives Barry has tried to stick us all with – see ya there, Bill.

  17. JoeThePlumber Says:

    Based on facts? What facts are you basing your theory that it won’t hurt the country’s economy to let the current tax rates go up next year for people making over $200,000? You admitted earlier that you don’t need any historical precedent for this. Rather you’d just like to wing it. Sorry if you interpret my response as “rant and rage”

  18. Bill Says:

    Oh Giles, I’m amused with the GOP who “were against the Tea Party before the were for them”-you want to talk about party division, why don’t you start there.

    And what “commie” initiatives are you talking about?

    -Holding the banking industry and the auto industry accountable after bailing out their sorry asses with taxpayer bailouts? God forbid we hold big business accountable, that would be so “commie”-like.

    -Stimulating the economy? Would that be a “commie” initiative. Better tell that to George Bush’s economic advisors, John McCain’s economic advisors, and Martin Feldstein (Reagan’s chief economic advisor) who all believed, as President Obama did, that to correct the viscious cycle our economy was tailspinning into a large amount of $$$timulus was needed. Oh, and by the way, the ARRA included $300 billion worth of tax cuts (damn that commie Obama!)

    (And if you want an historical precedent-take a look at the Great Depression and how we got out of that mess).

    -Or maybe you are talking about healthcare reform bill?? Funny, when Bob Dole proposed almost the exact kind of bill, the Republicans lauded him. Ted Roosevelt and Richard Nixon proposed the same kind of healthcare legislation. Damn commies!

    -Or maybe you are talking about the Democrat’s Financial Reform bill? Oh yeah, it definitely must be communists who want to prevent another economic collapse by legislating greater regulation over the robber barons who got us into this mess in the first place.

    So which is it Giles? What Obamacommie initiatives are you talking about? The one’s Glenn Beck said were happening?

  19. Keither Says:

    Hmmm. George W. Bush is a neocon. Look up the history of neocons. You’ll see they’re democrats who became hawks on national defense. So, class, what is their core belief? Just like democrats, it’s the redistribution of income. That’s the fault of the republican party for accepting that crap. That’s about to be remedied in this election cycle and the next thanks to the TEA Party. In other words, you’re about to get schwacked, as it should be.
    Bill, as far as the stimulus, sending checks to 89,000 dead people and people in jail is very stimulating…to my blood pressure. Get out of the drivers seat. You’re screwing everything up.

  20. Giles Says:


    Taking over the auto industry and paying off his criminal constituency – the unions, while breaking contracts – the dealerships had contracts, and screwing the bond holders – like the state of Indiana -isn’t communist? SEIU thug Stern said “we spent 60 Miilion dollars on Obama, we expect something back”. Well, they sure got it, almost a thousand fold in the 500 billion dollar auto bailout and giving significant ownership to the unions.

    As an aside, the lesson any small business owner should take is never allow your employees to unionize. Because once that happens, you open your business up to being politicized.

    While we are at it, Bill, the unions are a business like any other. A large part of why they exist is to benefit their union bosses and buy influence, which they have done spectacularly well – look at all the states that are bankrupt because of obligations to public unions. Illinois owes 80 billion to it’s pension funds. The unions spend huge amounts of money supporting the democrat candidates, who then return the favor by enshrining expensive pensions and healthcare plans in their constitutions – why constitutions? To make it more difficult to unravel the criminal symbiosis between the unions and their democrat masters.

    I once, I am sorry to admit, was sort of a party to the criminal enterprise of teachers’ unions and the democrats – I owned a house in a Chicago suburb, thereby paying exhorbitant property taxes for pretty much zero return, other than to line the teacher’s and the democrats pockets. I am pleased to say that I have corrected that error well before the recession began, and now pay less than 1/10 of what I had been paying, even as I watch Illinois circling the drain.

    This is how it is, Bill. People don’t need what the democrats are peddling. Teacher salaries (at least the teacher I know near Chicago) at 90K? With a pension nearly as high for the rest of her life with healthcare benefits thrown in? Like 90K gets you a better teacher than 35K? Bullcrap. Then she retires and lives for 30 years on tax dollars.

    That is why these states are screwed and will remain screwed until they repudiate these deals. And they will have to do that, it’s just a matter of which state starts it. The people have no money, and they will react badly to a tax increase of the magnitude it would take to bail out the pension funds.

    Bill buddy, I ain’t paying for it. I have taken myself out of maze. It’s one thing to see the corruption and to know you are getting the shaft, and another to add PAYING for the same. I can’t tell you how much peace and happiness it brings me to know I am not funding this monumental theft that the democrats and the unions have wrought.

    Whew! Got a little off course, Bill, as often happens when adressing a doctrinaire liberal like yourself. I have run out of time right now, but hope to be back later to address the rest of your points.

    P.S. Bill, it’s not that I am pro-republican, I am not. I am anti-democrat, so whoever can stop the dem agenda is going to get my vote.

  21. Bill Says:

    …..and Sadaam Hussein was actually a Republican that became a islamic sympathizer who the secret Democrat neoconn’s needed to destroy so that they could expand their evil communist empire into the middle east….eventually to control all the oil reserves and force universal healthcare onto everyone…

    (Keither, Put down your cup of tea, turn off Fox news, take a deep breathe and say “I need therapy”, Then pick up the phone and call your local Tea Party Anonymous center and tell them your a friend of Bill’s) wink, nod.

  22. Bill Says:

    Yes Giles. Workers should never unionize and there should be no such thing as minimum wage. Social security and medicare should be stopped (they’re socialistic) and heck, why don’t we just drop those inconvenient child labor laws. Put kids back to work because, after all, public education is just a liberal brainwashing waste of money.

    But seriously Giles, I do agree with you to an extent. Perhaps this is where we need to compromise. The state worker’s pensions need to be addressed. It is unreasonable, in this day and age, to retire after 20 years of work with 80% pay and full healthcare benefits. I understand where you are coming from. However, I think that teacher’s salaries need to commensurate with their level of education, societal importance, and their responsibility. Beginning teachers in my town with a Master’s degree are starting at 30k/year. Barely enough to make ends meet. If we want good teachers we have to attract them. Competing with China and India our kids will need a good education-unless we want leaders like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, then sure, cut education.

  23. Giles Says:

    Bill, I see To take your last statement first, your suggesting that we would be worse off with those two women you mentioned that are sort of yokels, as the liberals portray them, vs the slick-ass unqualified empty suit running the presidency now? Obama is dangerous to the country. Those two women, while perhaps not as polished, are not dangerous.

    Of course, if the polling is correct, Obama is about to be de-fanged. He can forget his agenda, at least his agenda that requires any serious money. Spending bills, as you may know, originate in the house. It appears that the conservatives are going to be running that outfit. As a matter of fact, I expect the opposition to start to dismantle HCR.

    I imagine he can find someone to jerk around a little with the justice dept. or his pet Eric Holder could let some other thugs off the hook, like he did with those two guys from Philadelphia.

    I expect he can preach to the choir for his last two years, go golfing, whatever. All the opposition has to do is …..nothing. The people don’t want congress to do anything.

    Seriously, Bill, as far as the state workers and their pensions and benefits go, there is no choice but to address it. It is immaterial what the economy propagandists are bleating – we are going to be in a depressed economy for a long, long time. Yes, Goldman Sachs and others may be enjoying large profits, but there are many other sectors in serious trouble, the housing and mortgage industry will not recover for years. The high foreclosure rates will continue for the foreseeable future.

    What all that means is that states’ tax receipts are going to be problematic indefinitely. The debt keeps growing, the interest keeps piling up, the pressure keeps bearing down on the politicians to fix the problems they created when they traded golden parachutes for the unions in exchange for political support and contributions.

    Someone or some group is going to get thrown under the bus. Look around at the governors’ races. I don’t think these guys are running on redistribution or promises of more benefits for unions or public employees – they are running on no new or higher taxes and trimming budgets.

    Whats going to make an attractive target for the knife? Yes, that is right! Public union pensions, benefits, salaries. Those sweet bennies set into the constitutions in some states. In Illinois, they are selling pension fund assets because the funds are not getting the contributions that the state is supposed to be making, that fund could go to zero in ten years.

    All it is going to take, if the pressure keeps up, is one state to figure out a way to repudiate the debt. If one does it, it’s over. It’s possible that whatever is the fund at the time that happens gets divided up by the pensioners and that is it, over.

    Now Bill, you have a point on teacher’s salaries. I have ambivalent feelings on that. On the one hand, the prospective teacher has spent 4-6 years in college training for the job and probably has student loans that they have to start paying on-seems like they should be in the 30-40k range, depending on the cost of living where they are operating. On the other hand, it is far too easy for school boards and counties to raise the property tax at their whim. There is no tax I hate greater than property tax. A person never feels like they own their home when the mortgage is paid and they are still paying $500.00 per month in property taxes.

    I suppose a decent wage is something people can negotiate on, if the pensions are eliminated and the property tax is capped. Let ‘em have a 401K like everyone else. They also should have to pay whatever the average tax payer has to pay for health insurance. Of course, this will be unpopular with the teachers AND the politicians, because the teachers will have to pay for health insurance now, and the dems probably won’t get so much in the way of campaign cash from the unions.

    If I am to be brutally honest, I will have to admit I don’t care what happens in places like Chicago. I am not the sort to run around and protest in the street, or write whichever thief is in charge of the area I happen to live, or rally for “change” that doesn’t happen. That game is for the rubes and tools. The only things that matter are legal liberty and economic liberty. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

    Since the elected officials have been busy trying to eliminate both types of liberty as long as I can remember, you gotta fight back. Find a way to pay less income taxes, move out of the high property tax areas. You will be wide-eyed with surprise to see how little in property taxes you pay in some areas, if you come from an urban area. You will be just as happy, probably happier, as you realize that you are no longer contributing stupid amounts of money for almost nil. Plus, in a rural area, you have far fewer government ninnies running about.

    Bill, the democrats and progressives fundamentally want to control money and they want to control people. They or the democrats are not in for a bright future, as people are sick of paying for things they don’t want, and I believe are tired of being nannied. If the reps gain control of the house and just do maintenance stuff, they can probably keep control for at least 6 years.

    It will also be interesting to see how many of the tea party folks get elected, and how they act when they arrive. That, too, could be quite a shake-up. What if they start agitating for the elimination of the Dept. of Education? They won’t be able to do too much, either, other than help act as a block to O’s agenda, but they may be fun to watch. I know if a bunch of them get elected, it will be a riot rhetoric starts flying between them and the dems.

    To get back to the subject, Bill, whereas I can chat with you about the state workers’ pensions, and the teachers salaries, I really don’t have a dog in the hunt anymore due to the actions I have taken. By the time my tiny property taxes moved enough to make me notice, the people in this area will have probably burned down the statehouse. Whatever happens, I won’t be paying, or paying only a token amount.

    Who will be paying is the people in the urban areas, squeezed even more than they are already.

    As there will be a dark economic cloud hanging over the country for a decade or more, people will be looking to cut costs. That doesn’t bode well for the democrats, because wherever they are in charge, everything is more expensive. Soon, there is going to be a clamoring for tax reductions.

    If I am right and economic conditions remain stagnant for a long period, the only people supporting the democrats will be new yorkers, whatever unions are still standing, and the entitlement groups.

  24. Bill Says:


    Its sad that the same people who wrecked our economy are now seeking to repower themselves. The amount of money lost by these robber barons could have funded healthcare, educational improvements, and infrastructure projects that we so badly need. I look at the repairs as good long term investments. Instead of fixing a house, you’d rather let it fall apart than to spend a little to protect its value. Penny-wise, pound foolish. Typical redneck mentality.

  25. JoeThePlumber Says:

    Hey Bill – wake up!! The Democrats wrecked the economy too!!

  26. Giles Says:

    Whatever, Bill. It doesn’t look good for your team. I realize that it ain’t over until it’s over, but there is a pretty good potential for the dems to get hammered.

    While we are talking about value and spending, why is it Bill, that so many of Obama’s nominees had failed to pay their taxes? Then, instead of getting in legal trouble, it’s all just fine! Better late than never, thanks old boy for coming clean.

    AMF, Bill.

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