Cut these Entitlements Instead of Medicare and Social Security

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(By The Pragmatic Pundit)

I’m so sick of the attacks on Medicare and Social Security.  First of all, they are not entitlements, they are earned benefits…we pay for them!  Secondly, there have been projections about the sustainability of these programs for the last twenty years, so why didn’t Republicans fix them when they had the House, Senate and Presidency under Bush?

They raise hell about the cost of Medicare, but increased the cost of the program with the passage of the Medicare Benefit Drug Act.  And forget about negotiating lower drug prices, the bill prohibits the federal government from negotiating discounts with drug companies.  Finally, there are too many other things that can be cut before Congress takes the hard-earned money of taxpayers from them.  Here are just a few:

Get on the stick and pass immigration reform.  Honor the efforts of hardworking immigrants and give them their papers.  They become taxpaying citizens.  Seems to kill two birds with one stone if you ask me.

Stop all the private contracting with corporations that grossly overcharge and always bill those ghastly cost overruns.  Why do we need Blackwater acting as security in countries where we are at war?  What the hell is the military for?  There are tons of these contracts, meant to do nothing more than siphon taxpayer dollars for private industry.

Do prison reform.  Stop paying private companies to profit on peoples misery and incentivizing locking people up.  You can start with ending the stupid war on drugs.

Tax Wall Street and refuse to make tax concessions for tax dodgers to bring their money back to the country.  Make them pay like everyone else.

Last but not least, stop talking about “everybody sharing in the pain”.  Why is that a necessity?  The rich didn’t share in the middle classes’ pain and the middle class didn’t share in their profits.  It’s Richie Rich’s turn to pick up the tab.  That’ll make for a Happy New Year.

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