Speak Up

In too many sectors, we progressives are getting swamped by well-organized conservatives who write letters to the editor, phone their elected officials and candidates, talk to their neighbors and relatives, and make their views known to the Republican party.   We need to change that by taking the progressive message to the American people, the media, the White House, members of the House and Senate, and the letters to the editor pages of our local newspapers, so that voters and elected officials constantly hear a positive message about what progressive policies can do to improve our country.

This blog is all about providing information about progressive policies and encouraging our readers to use the information to send the message of strong and sensible progressive values to the American public.  Please help us and the progressive movement out by:

1.Contacting Your Elected Officials

If we want progressive policies to be enacted, it is absolutely critical that we make our voices heard by our elected officials.  We will help you do that by providing links to elected officials, and information about policy issues that they need to hear from us on.

2. Writing Letters to The Editor

We make it really easy by providing a list of links and e-mail addresses for submitting letters to the editors at newspapers in communities throughout the US.  And we recommend key races, issues, and points to write letters about.  Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to write letters to the editor too.

3. Contributing To This Blog

Know of an issue that you think we should write about?  Want to add a media outlet to our growing list?  Have you read a great article or letter to the editor that will encourage others to write one too? We want to hear from you. Send us an email.

4. Spread the Word

Tell others about our blog via Twitter and Facebook.

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