In Search of a Gotcha Moment


(By The Political Pragmatic)

The idea that journalists have no responsibility to the dissemination of helpful information is ridiculous to me. It certainly is not the media’s job to accommodate misinformation and falsehoods.  The presentation of facts is not a partisan issue.  I can’t help but wonder what ethics their willingness to peddle partisan bullshit supports.

Contrary to Chuck Todd’s assertions, if the media would point out the lies and distortions that have been launched against Obamacare, they wouldn’t be picking sides, they’d be doing their jobs and doing right by their audience.

What the president said about the Affordable Care Act is true….”if you like your insurance you can keep it”…unless providers or employers change it, which they often do, but that’s not a requirement under ObamaCare. Most people already have good coverage from their employer, Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, so I never thought that declaration applied to the  small percentage of individual policyholders because health insurers have been canceling and replacing individual policies for years. I should know…I’m an individual policyholder.  They slash benefits, raise deductibles and increase premiums. The majority of those buying individual policies who are now whining to keep them, have done so in the past because they had no other options.

So should the media tell the public that some insurance companies are sending cancellation notices or other “misleading” letters to customers in an attempt to push them into pricier alternatives?  Of course they should!  If they can’t alert us to a possible rip-off, what purpose do they serve?

Here’s what really galls me about the media.  The regulations regarding individual policies was issued in June of 2010.  There has been more than adequate time to question the policy, and inform and prepare the public.  In fact, issuance of the guidelines caused the usual objections by Republicans and the media reported on it way back then.  Suppose they forgot?  I don’t think so…they’re just looking for a gotcha moment.

It’s what they do.

A good newsstory informs and educates the public.  Having said as much, we also have a responsibility to ferret out some information ourselves.  But as it is, we have a media that plays up every racist intonation, reports and promotes every criticism of the President, polls every thought and attitude…misleads, misinforms and mismanages the truth.  It’s yellow journalism; exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, and sensationalism; biased opinion masquerading as objective fact.

I frankly, am losing all faith in the people who are paid to keep us informed.  I know there are still journalists who take pride in a job well done.  Who do you trust?


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  1. Blue In A Red State Says:

    Excellent post. I also get frustrated with the media for being biased.

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