President Obama DID NOT Control Congress for Two Years!

(By Fay Paxton, cross-posted at The Pragmatic Pundit)

I don’t know why I turned on that stupid, partisan Morning Joe the other morning,  but I did.  And there he was,  that sniveling Joe Scarborough, “Well, the President had a Democratic majority…controlled Congress for two years and….”

My hair stands on end.

“When?!”  I yell at the television screen.  “Do any of you bobbleheads who sit around that table nodding in agreement know any facts…care anything about the truth?”

Yesterday, Willard Romney made the same declaration.  He may or may not know any better.  He’s lies with complete abandon.  Yes President Obama ran for the presidency with strong immigration reform rhetoric.  But unless Latinos are all deaf and blind, they saw what happened.  But then again, maybe like many people they too believe the President had control of the Congress and the Senate for two years.

Here are the facts:

Apparently everyone forgot the President needed 60 votes in the Senate to pass legislation.  I heard a Latino news reporter say they felt if the President could pass healthcare, he could have passed immigration reform.  Newsflash!!  The healthcare bill was passed using “reconciliation”, because there were not 60 Democrats in the Senate.  Immigration, Gay Rights could not be passed with the same process because it is reserved for budgetary matters.  You’d think a reporter would know this stuff.  The Stimulus was hijacked by the Republicans and job-creating measures were traded for tax cuts because…there were not 60 Democratic votes to pass it.  Anyway, you got that?

Now, to begin with, apparently no one remembers that Scott Brown was sworn into office in February of 2010.  The President had only been in office for ONE year.  Most folks remember that the election of Scott Brown reduced the number of Democratic senators to 59.  So what damned majority are they talking about?

I’ve written about this before in an article I called Occupy the Media, but I feel the need to repeat myself.

January 20, 2009 – After suffering a seizure during Barack Obama’s inaugural luncheon, Senator Kennedy’s health forced him to retreat to Massachusetts. Also Senator Al Franken of Minnesota had not been seated because the previous Senator, Norm Coleman challenged the results.

So at the beginning of his Presidency, Democrats had 58 sitting senators…56 Democrats and 2 Independents.

Why do you think he had to compromise with Republicans on the Stimulus bill?  He didn’t have enough Democrats to pass the bill!  Why don’t you people who moan such disappointment know this?

April 28, 2009 news outlets issued the following report:

Republican Sen. Arlen Specter has switched parties, which would give Democrats a filibuster-proof 60 seats. You do remember the filibuster? The Republicans employed it more than in any time in history for the express purpose of stalling legislation.

Getting back to what I was saying.  Despite the fact that the media hailed the party switch of Alen Specter and claimed it gave Democrats a filibuster-proof Senate,  the Minnesota seat still remained vacant. The Senate had 57 Democratic members and 2 Independents.  Techinically, the Senate was two members short, but I’m counting Senator Kennedy even though he was at home ill because he did cast a vote in June.  59

May 15, 2009 Senator Robert Byrd was admitted to the hospital reducing the number of sitting Senators to 56 Democratic members and 2 Independents.  58

July 7, 2009 Al Franken (D) was sworn in after the election dispute over the Minnesota seat was decided in his favor.  Senator Kennedy continued to recuperate at his home in Massachusetts and was unable to cast any more votes; Senator Byrd was still in the hospital.  The Senate had 56 sitting Democratic members and 2 Independents.  58

July 21, 2009  Senator Byrd returned to the Senate making the count 59 seats.  No Senator Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy died August 25, 2009.

The Kennedy seat was vacant from August 25 – September 24  when  Paul G. Kirk was appointed to occupy his seat until the completion of a special election. The swearing-in of Kirk gave the Democrats a 60-seat majority.

Democrats had a 60 seat majority from September 24, 2009 thru February 4, 2010.   4 months people; not 2 years!!

Democrats lost their 60 seat majority when Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts was sworn into office in February of 2010.

But here’s the most important detail that no one ever mentions:


What purpose does the media serve?  And why are Americans so damned dumb and easily led?    This isn’t some obscure fact, but no one gets it right.  It’s pathetic!

As for Morning Joe, I guess that’s what I get for watching that stupid crap.  I suppose I should count my blessings…. at least I missed Peggy Noonan  swooning orgasmically about that damned economy-crasher Ronald Reagan.


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2 Responses to “President Obama DID NOT Control Congress for Two Years!”

  1. ThisisWhatIThink Says:

    Great article….I actually as watching Joe that day and felt the same way!!! Wanted to bust…..Personally I cannot watch Joe in the morning, he makes to many statements that distort the truth and his side kick just sit there and keeps her mouth shut…..Drives me crazy…..

    I did want to mention that Joe Lieberman was the 60th vote for those 4 months and cannot be considered either a Democrat or full proof vote….He was given a chairmanship in 2008 by the Democrats but still was not a full proof vote…..Hope you will amend your article as I don’t believe President Obama ever has had Full Control of the Senate…

  2. Morning Feature – The Road to a More Progressive Senate in 2013 | BPI Campus Says:

    [...] appellate judge nominees were held up by Senate Republicans by an average of 227 days). Contrary to common misconceptions, the Democrats had a filibuster proof majority for only 72 days during President Obama’s [...]

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