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workers memorial day

For this weekend’s progressive reading list, we have articles on workplace safety, how out of touch the 1%, debunking the myth that President Obama simply needs to twist more arms in Congress, growing rejection of the education “reform” movement, and the regulatory hurdles facing President Obama’s first term successes.

Death on the Job Report – in honor of Workers Memorial Day on April 28, here is the AFI-CIO’s annual report on workplace health and safety and how we can improve it

Democracy and the Policy Preferences of Wealthy Americans – an interesting study on just how out of touch the wealthiest 1% are with the views of the rest of the country when it comes to issues of economics, taxes, regulations, and the safety net.

Obama and the Myth of Arm-Twisting – an essay pushing back on the widespread argument that President Obama should have been engaging in more direct one-on-one horse trading and arm twisting of Senators in order to get gun safety legislation passed.

The Coming Revolution in Public Education – a report on a growing movement of teachers and communities rejecting overuse of standardized testing and other failed policies promoted by the incorrectly named education “reform” movement.

He Who Makes the Rules – a look at the significant hurdles that President Obama’s first term achievements, such as Dodd-Frank and health care reform, face in the rule-making process.

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