Republicans Continue to Insult America


They think we’re stupid!

The declaration that Republican resistance to immigration reform alienated Latino voters merely scratches the surface of the reason the Republicans lost the election.

The delegitimizing and criminalizing narratives about President Obama and Latino “immigrants” reflected not only a politic of contempt, denunciation, and fear-mongering, but furthered the idea of some whites that no one has a right to live within these borders but them…”this is our country”… “let’s take our country back”.

Republicans wagered that they could indeed “take the country back” with “white only” votes and could therefore afford to marginalize and demonize every minority in the country.  It was calculated and deliberate….a southern strategy on steroids meant to inflame the passions of whites, alienate people of color and divide the country along racial lines.

It didn’t matter to Republicans that the insults and disregard they show the African-American president translates to all people of color.  But people of color throughout the nation were witnessing their  insults and wondering, if they choose to be openly and deliberately disrespectful to the man who holds the highest office in the world, what do they think of me?  If they will fight so fiercely to see that the president fails, how much success do they want for me?  If they believe the leader of the free world is a lazy “retard”, what do they think of my efforts?  If they are willing to sabotage the country in order to see him fail, what roadblocks will they erect for me?

Still others blame Republican losses on the dismissal of women’s issues and the “distraction” from the economy.  No doubt it was an element of their defeat, as well.  As they enacted laws to restrict and govern the reproductive rights of women, it became clear, their aims had little to do with “the sanctity of life”.

In fact, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) cited the real reason Republicans are against contraceptives,

“….Preventing babies from being born is not medicine….. that’s not constructive to our culture and our civilization. If we let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we’re a dying civilization.”

Republicans lost because they indulged in fear-mongering, believing America is so racially divided they could stoke those divisions  and “win back America” by dividing it even further.  They tried to disenfranchise minorities and poor whites with voter ID laws, gerrymandering, purging and every dirty trick they could devise. They’ve tried these tactics before.  Apparently, they forgot there have always been whites who locked arms with minorities to fight for the rights of “all” people.

Republicans lost because of their misguided views about science and climate change; because of their desire to withhold medical access to  millions of Americans.  They lost because they mock and demonize homosexuals.  They lost because they ran up the debt and  then refused to help fix it.  They lost because they laid off workers across the country, then spent four years yelling about the unemployment rate.  They lost because they protect the right of corporations to ship jobs overseas and dock their American-made profits there, as well.  They lost because they lie to the American people.  They lost because they think the electorate is stupid and they insult our intelligence.  They lost because the electorate is not for sale.

They lost because there really is such a thing as divine retribution.  How many votes were lost to illegitimate purging, registrations that were destroyed, thrown away, altered or unrecorded?  How many voters were rejected for lack of picture identification when none was required, or because voters names were left off the rolls?  How many votes were lost because people couldn’t wait in 8 hour lines because they had to report to work, pick a child up from school or the sitter?  How many votes were lost because of malfunctioning or broken equipment?  How many provisional and absentee ballots did they throw away or simply fail to count?   And the still lost!

There is no doubt in my mind President Obama won reelection by a vote tally that far exceeded 3 million.  They know it too.  They cheated so much, I can’t help but wonder, if in Minnesota where the electorate voted for a Democratic government and chose to reelect President Obama, loud-mouth, mendacious Michele Bachmann really won.

The only thing more amazing than the Republican miscalculation about “white power”, is their idea that they can now win back votes by merely flip-flopping overnight on the views they have espoused for the last five years.  But that alone will not heal the damage they have done, nor will supporting legislation they have disparaged for so long.  It will not change the minds of millions who were dishonored by their tactics.  This isn’t just a case of what they say or do…it is about what they believe.

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One Response to “Republicans Continue to Insult America”

  1. rroserred Says:

    Thanks for the article that lays out so many of the reasons contributing to the Republican loss this year. Still, they remain in Congress because many pockets of local voters put and kept them there this year.

    I believe you give the Republicans too much credit. When I read articles on, and Daily KOS, and other progressive news and opinion sites, I realize from those articles that the Republicans–the leaders such as Rove et al—have a plan they have been cultivating for at least forty years. They still believe communists are a threat and are probably still mad Joe McCarthy got the response he did; they are horrified at the Voting Rights Act, and in fact are now trying to over turn it; they are horrified at the idea that people of color, especially black people, might have any power in this country; and most of all, they represent corporate fascim, big oil, and the power of unregulated industry and economies that permits them to have the wealth of countries to themselves. They sought to buy this election, used tactics that display a complete lack of conscience, and basically have no real feelings for other human beings, other than need to control and judge. They are not concerned about a society that lowers its birthrate. They are concerned that not enough white babies will be born to continue staying in the majority and they are concerned that women tend to vote Democratic and so want to disempower women, keep them pregnant and barefoot and out of the workplace and out of the voting booth eventually. We would be foolish to doubt these goals of theirs.

    Republican supporters–the audience of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh–are fairly stupid, living racist, fear-based lives that allow them to believe hate speech and fear mongering. They fear being marginalized and robbed, mugged, shot, so they go out and arm themselves, vote for and support economic policies that actually hurt them, and have become crazy over issues like abortion and contraception without seeing the conflict with also supporting the death penalty, endless war, and removing the safety net for women and families. The Republican leadership views us as stupid because their constiuency is stupid in this way. Not stupid as in IQ; stupid as in living in mindless fear.

    I believe we have an enormous amount of work still to do to educate the populace that blindly supports the GOP. Somehow, we need to reach them on the issues in a way that helps them see how they are hurting themselves and their country. It’s not that they should become progressive so much as it is that they need to become thoughtful voters who can hear and see the issues without the propaganda blasting in their minds. We need our country back too, the country that had two parties, both with intelligent ideas and opinions on real issues and that worked together once elections were done.

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