Weekend Reading List

Friday, March 30th, 2012

For this weekend’s reading list, we have ALEC’s attack on climate change education, the story of prisoners with dementia, a debunking of the conservative myth that affordable housing legislation caused the mortgage crisis, the importance of the Supreme Court ObamaCare case on future societal reform, and the big money behind the education “reform” movement.

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How ALEC Is Destroying the Teaching of Climate Change Science, One State at a Time - a report on how the American Legislative Exchange Council has gotten laws undermining climate change science passed in Louisiana, Texas, South Dakota, and Tennessee, and is working to do the same in more states.

Life, With Dementia – a report on how our nation’s aging prison population is requiring prison systems to increasingly deal with diseases that are prevalent in older age, such as dementia.  Some prison systems are putting other prisoners in charge of taking care of the inmates who have dementia.

Did Affordable Housing Legislation Contribute to the Subprime Securities Boom? - a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis debunking the conservative myth that the Community Reinvestment Act and other efforts to promote affordable home ownership somehow caused the subprime mortgage crisis.

Health-Care Reform: Collective Solutions and the Individualist Tantrum – At stake in the recent Supreme Court arguments regarding ObamaCare is not just health care reform, but also whether we are going to be able to continue crafting large collective solutions to large collective problems.

Hired Guns on Astroturf: How to Buy and Sell School Reform – an accounting of the education “reform” movement and the large moneyed interests behind it.


Weekend Reading List

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

For this weekend’s reading list we have articles on experts agreeing that we should not attack Iran, the Obama Administration’s corporate tax reform proposal, debunking myths about poverty and the safety net, and climate scientists fighting back against climate deniers.

If you have any feedback on any of these articles, or would like to recommend an article for next weekend’s reading list, please let us know in the comments section below, or at the Winning Progressive Facebook page.


Experts Say Iran Attack is Irrational, Yet Hawks Are Winning the Debate – Why is the media promoting the war hawks’ efforts to start a war with Iran, even as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the head of Mossad warn it would be a horrible idea.

Administration’s Corporate Tax Reform Framework a Promising Start but Falls Short on Raising Revenue - a good overview of the highlights of President Obama’s corporate tax reform proposal, along with its major downside of being revenue neutral. See also this list of Six Tests for Corporate Tax Reform.

Debunking Poverty Myths and Racial Stereotypes – a good debunking of 10 conservative myths about safety net programs and their recipients.

The Inside Story of Climate Scientists Under Siege – Climate scientist Michael Mann, the climate denying Heartland Institute, and the conservative attack on the science of climate change.