Weekend Reading List

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

gun violence don't shoot

For this weekend’s reading list we have articles about the daily death toll from gun violence, how austerity has failed in England, the successful litigation strategy for promoting LGBT equality, a debate over debt forgiveness, and a profile of the leader of the Buy Nothing Christmas movement.


Slow-Rolling Massacre Unfolds in the Shadow of Shocking High-Profile Shooting Sprees – a moving reminder that the problem of gun violence is about not just the mass killings that garner high-profile media attention, but also about the daily killings that take lives and rip at the fabric of society in communities throughout the country.

God Save the British Economy – an in-depth report on how austerity economic have failed in England and the efforts of Adam Posen, a member of that nation’s Monetary Policy Committee, to get the word out.

Getting Nearer and Nearer – a celebration of the progress that has been made towards achieving LGBT equality, and a rebuttal to critics who argue that the movement’s litigation strategy is flawed.

Sweet Forgiveness - a series of essays debating the fairness and effectiveness of debt relief and mortgage relief for underwater homeowners as a means for helping our economy recover.

The War Against Too Much of Everything – a profile of Adbusters and its leader, Kalle Lasn, that, among other things, is promoting an anti-consumerism message with their Buy Nothing Christmas campaign.

Weekend Reading List

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on how Sweden and Denmark show that higher taxation doesn’t hurt economic growth, how conservatives are crashing England’s economy again, the sustainability of historic buildings, how GOP budget plans would prevent action on climate change, and an interview with education advocate Diane Ravitch.

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Is Heavy Taxation Bad For the Economy? – At his interesting blog Consider the Evidence, Lane Kenworthy examines taxes and economic growth in the U.S., Sweden, and Denmark since 1960s and finds no evidence of economic harm from the higher tax rates in Sweden and Denmark

Old Buildings Combine Sustainability, Preservation – why re-using old buildings is as good, or even better, for the environment as is constructing new “green” buildings.

A Weekend Interview with Diane Ravitch on Teachers, Testing, and Florida’s Progress – a newspaper editorial board interview with Diane Ravitch, a noted critic of standardized testing and other education “reform” theories being pushed by charter school advocates

Global Spending Cap Would Make It Virtually Impossible to Enact Climate Legislation – Another bad result that would be created by conservatives’ efforts to slash government spending that they do not like

U.K. Economy Returns to the 1930s, IMF Applauds – A helpful warning from England, where recently-enacted conservative austerity measures have sidetracked economic recovery and created a double-dip recession.