The Sins of Chuck Hagel


(By The Pragmatic Pundit)

You might not remember Chuck Hagel, the nominee for Defense Secretary, even though he spent twelve years as a Senator. I remember him well and believe we would be better off if we had a chamber full of Chuck Hagels.

No, his confirmation hearing was not impressive, but neither was the line of questioning.
When all was said and done, did we know anything about his ability to manage the Department of Defense? Did we know anything about his management philosophy? What he would do about the pending sequestration? How he felt about the war in Afghanistan, drones or the Middle East conflicts?

We learned nothing of substance, but merely witnessed a coordinated effort to sabotage his confirmation…a kind of “good cop, bad cop” dance. Concerns about Benghazi are just smokescreens. Clearly, Hagel has no connection to Benghazi and were that really the concern they would have stalled the confirmation of John Kerry. They’re playing politics with the national security of the United States.

Following is a compilation of short videos that give the real reason they are against Chuck Hagel:

In 2000, Senator McCain, who leads the opposition, believed Chuck Hagel was a good candidate for the Secretary of Defense.


After listening to President Bush address the nation, Hagel concluded that America was about to escalate the war and become further entrenched in Iraq and the Middle East. We had been in Iraq 4 years. I’d say he was right.


Hagel is a man of conviction, who stood for what he believed without weighing the political cost.

“Maybe I’ll be wrong and maybe I’ll have no political future…I don’t care about that.”


He challenged his colleagues,

“Congress fails when we do not probe, ask tough questions and when we do not debate the great issues of the day. Americans deserve serious debate that transcends politics and catchy buzzwords.”


He called on Senators to have the courage to stand for what they believed in…

”it’s tough…if you wanted a safe job, you should go sell shoes.”


But his real sin, at least where John McCain is concerned is that he spoke out against the surge. John McCain’s surge.


Americans should be disgusted that John McCain admits opposition to Hagel is simply a personal vendetta. I guess this is what you do when you put “country first”.


This is what Hagel believed about McCain.


These are the sins of Chuck Hagel

He will not support the unquenchable thirst for war

He challenges the patriotism of Congress

He supports his President

Where are the members of the military and the veterans?  He has championed their cause, now they should champion his.

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