Top Five National Papers

Below are links to the letter to the editor email addresses of the top five national newspapers. Keep your letter to under 150 words. Make sure to include your name, address, and telephone number as they will want to contact you to verify that you wrote the letter.

Wall Street Journal

USA Today

New York Times

Los Angeles Times

Washington Post

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5 Responses to “Top Five National Papers”

  1. henqiguai Says:

    Hmm. Got here via John Cole’s balloon-juice.

    Your list of top five newspapers includes USA Today. I’m hearing that USA Today is tanking, losing readership, and looking to go to online only. Similarly, the LA Times also seems to be taking on water. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other papers that can even pretend to be as comprehensive; the Boston Globe used to have such pretensions, but the NY Time takeover of the Globe took care of that conceit. Who’s left ? Anything in the middle of the country ?

  2. Winning Progressive Says:

    Good points about the decline of newspapers in the U.S., henqiguai. It is very hard to find newspapers doing good reporting, which is part of the reason why it is important for us to get the progressive message out in the letters to the editors section of those papers for as long as they last.
    We are working on compiling newspapers for other states so that we get some in the middle of the country, so keep checking back in.

  3. Wow Says:

    stick to the ny times and washington post. the people who read the wsj all only go by facts not emotions. The whole progressive movement is based off emotions. Unless we close our boarder and force all product to be made in america and force the consumer to by america products the whole agenda makes no sense.

  4. DonB Says:

    I find the facts in the WSJ to be in the news section (and less so since Murdoch) NOT the editorial pages (with a few exceptions from guests).

    If we close our borders to imports, our exports, which provide a lot of manufacturing jobs, will be stopped also. And where will we get the oil that is currently running our transportation systems? We DO need to develop non-fossil fuel energy, but it will take time AND government incentives and taxes.

    If you think that September 2008 was an economic disaster, the precipitous cut off of oil imports will be worse; and we really cannot afford to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world anyway. The world has gone global and it will be impossible for the country as a whole to put the genie back in the bottle.

    We need to elect representatives who will work for reasonable regulations to set the rules for fair dealing in the current environment. This is what we do in sports and when we buy and sell with our neighbors. We just live in a bigger world and need to learn to deal with a more complicated playing field.

    There is an old saying that appears particularly true today: “For every problem there is a simple ‘solution’ which will not work.” The media are full of such simple solutions and regrettably I fear they will not work. The beauty of our system is that we will eventually find a solution which at least helps solve the problem.

    But that brings me to the ugliness of our system being that it will take time to do this and we do not have that time if we are to save innocent lives (health and wealth wise) and the future of the world with the approaching climate disaster if we don’t find a way to curb our release of CO2.

  5. newsmax Says:

    Proves My Point…

    The debate was basically settled as soon as I came upon this post yesterday…

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