Weekend Reading List

For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on strategy for liberals, government subsidies to corporations, how John McCain never really was an independent maverick, the steps needed to improve service sector jobs, and how Bush v. Gore played a role in stopping the GOP’s voter suppression efforts in 2012.


A Strategic Plan for Liberals – a collection of essays from leading liberals about how we can build more political power and move the country to the left over the coming years and decades.

As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price - an in-depth investigative report by the New York Times about the approximately $80 billion per year that state and local governments spend in corporate subsidies in a desperate attempt to lure businesses away from other communities. The article includes an interesting interactive map of the subsidies, and a video report about the costly subsidies battle between Kansas and Missouri over businesses located in the Kansas City area.

The Man Who Never Was – as Senator John McCain (R-AZ) continues his outlandish battle against Susan Rice, this 2010 article reminds us that it is questionable whether the independent maverick that many people view McCain as ever really existed.

Economic Recovery and Social Investment - a report detailing various steps that need to be taken to transform the service sector of our economy into one that provides good jobs.

The 2012 Voting Wars, Judicial Backstops, and the Resurrection of Bush v. Gore – a law review article on the legal battles regarding the GOP’s voter suppression efforts and how the Supreme Court’s infamous Bush v. Gore decision was relied on by courts to find such efforts unconstitutional.


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    [...] are several fabulous articles included in this weekend’s reading list,  that make for great reading.  A strategy for liberals — what could be better as we plan [...]

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