Weekend Reading List


For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles about linguist Noam Chomsky, progressives and the Democratic Party, immigration reform, climate change’s impacts on the Western US, and taxpayer subsidies to corporations.


Happy Birthday, Noam Chomsky – in honor of his 84th birthday, an essay about noted linguist Noam Chomsky’s contribution to the field

How to Save the Democratic Party - a thought-provoking, though ultimately misguided, essay questioning whether progressives should still view the Democratic Party as their political home.  The responses to the essay from leading progressives such as Keith Ellison are definitely worth a read.

What’s Next for Immigration Reform? – an interview with the National Council of La Raza about the lessons of the 2012 election and what the next steps on immigration reform should be.

Will the West Survive? – a reporter travels throughout the US West to assess how the extreme heat and drought accompanying climate change are already changing life in that region of the country.

As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price - a three-part New York Times investigative report about the more than $80 billion in subsidies that state and local government provide to corporations in a desperate and often failed attempt to promote job growth and economic development.

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