Weekend Reading List

For this week’s reading list, we have articles on the latest unemployment numbers, eliminating subsidies for the energy industry, the impact of money on politics in Chicago, the causes of poverty, and an report from a person who attended the pro-labor rallies in Madison.

If you have any feedback on the articles below, or would like to recommend something for next weekend’s reading list, let us know at the Winning Progressive Facebook page.

Statement on February Unemployment Report – Statement of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about the February unemployment report, which showed 12 straight months of economic growth, but also continued high levels of unemployment.

Get The Energy Sector Off the Dole – Jeffrey Leonard’s article in the Washington Monthly about how eliminating the approximately $20 billion in annual subsidies to the energy industry – the vast majority of which goes to coal, oil, and ethanol – would reduce the deficit, improve the environment, and help level the playing field for renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The Collapse – Ramsin Cannon’s article at Gaper’s Block about how the election of Rahm Emanuel as Mayor represents the virtual completion of the replacement of the old machine politics with a new approach focused on large campaign contributions, selling off of assets, and introduction of profit seekers into our schools.

Poor Reason – an essay by Stephen Steinberg about how poverty is a structural, political, and historical phenomenon, rather than a cultural one.

Report From Wisconsin: This is What Democracy Looks Like – a report by Harvey J. Kaye at New Deal 2.0 about his experience attending the pro-labor rallies at the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison.

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