Weekend Reading List

For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles about the need to engage in cost-benefit analysis of domestic homeland security spending, how the media encourages the fact-free nature of conservative political discourse, a collection of articles about the impacts of private foundations on education policy, and the right wing effort to smear climate scientists.

If you have any feedback on these articles, or would like to recommend an article for next weekend’s reading list, please let us know at Winning Progressive’s Facebook page.

Terror, Security, and Money – an article about how there has been virtually no cost-benefit or risk assessment carried out in evaluating the more than $1 trillion in domestic homeland security spending since September 11, 2001.

Inside the GOP’s Fact-Free Nation – an overview of how the conservative media amplifies and encourages the fact-free approach to politics taken by much of the Republican Party today

The Best Resources for Learning About the Role of Private Foundations in Education Policy – a blog post from Larry Ferlazzo that compiles a list of articles providing a critical view of the role of large foundations in promoting charter schools and other education “reform” policies

Climategate: What Really Happened? – an article by Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones about the right wing’s attempt to smear climate scientists

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